Best Home Cook is back. The 8-part series returns with a new lease of life; brand new kitchens, tougher challenges and an exciting and tense finale each week. There's also a new addition to the judging line-up with Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett joining the queen of home cooking, Mary Berry and fruit and veg expert Chris Bavin. Hosted with wit and warmth by Claudia Winkleman; ten talented home cooks embark on the ultimate immersive cooking competition, living together in a shared house and competing against each other whilst the trio of judges look on and put their cooking prowess to the test. Each week the cooks are faced with two challenges, starting with Mary's ULTIMATE round where the contestants produce their tried and tested food for special occasions. Up next, it's Chris's incredibly difficult RUSTLE UP challenge; one star ingredient and one hour to create a mid-week masterpiece. Those who haven't impressed enough across these two challenges will be picked to take part in Angela's dreaded ELIMINATOR where the cooks go head to head and must follow one of Angela's recipes, perfectly. Easier said than done when the decision of who goes home is based on that dish alone. The Eliminator is judged blind, and the judges will send home the cook responsible for making their least favourite version of the dish. They will not know which cook has cooked which dish until they've made their decision. This week Mary challenges the cooks to produce their ULTIMATE Italian pasta dinner. The cooks are straight in at the deep end, making pasta from scratch in front of Italian cooking pro, Angela Hartnett. With all the cooks showcasing their talents for the first time; we see a plethora of different dishes as well as varied techniques for making pasta with one cook hand-rolling their pappardelle. With their individual cooking styles shining through, dishes range from a classic lasagne, a traditional fettuccine bolognaise to a more adventurous squid ink tortellini and a rather unusual surf and turf tagliatelle. At the end of this round, the judges each pick their personal favourites and the cooks head back to the house to relax together. The following day starts with Chris's RUSTLE UP challenge, where the cooks have just one hour to rustle up a dish from scratch. This week, they have to think on their feet with a piece of fruit. With no notes, no recipe books and a limited selection of other ingredients the cooks have to turn the given ingredient into a dish that will impress the judges enough to keep them out of the Eliminator. We see the cooks, though at times reluctantly, going to each other for help, advice and even a shelf in their oven. After a fraught and frantic hour, the judges give their verdict on 10 very different dishes. The judges must then decide, based on the cooks' performance in both rounds, who is safe and who needs to prove themselves by cooking again in the Eliminator The first ELIMINATOR is no mean feat. Angela's recipes may sound simple but with the cooks now cooking to stay in the competition even the smallest error could see them sent home. With the judges out of the way, the safe cooks watch on, full of emotion, as the reality hits home that one of their housemates will be going home based on this plate of food alone. At the end of this round, the judges must agree which is their least favourite version of the dish, with that decision made all the cooks return to the kitchen and everyone learns at the same time which cook is leaving the competition. 10 cooks become 9.