A 62-year-old divorcee with no grandchildren secretly undergoes treatment to have a baby only to discover her 38-year-old daughter is also pregnant and due at the same time. Anita is divorced with two grown up kids and no stork on the horizon threatening to bring grandchildren (daughter Joanne can't have children and son Aiden has zero interest). Anita feels like there's something missing in her life. After hearing about an Indian woman in her seventies who gave birth to a healthy baby Anita starts thinking - what if she were to do the same thing? She may be in her sixties, but inside she feels twenty. She's adventurous, energetic and a bundle of fun. She wants to pack as much into life as she can whilst she still has her own teeth and joints. Telling her family she's off to visit a friend in New Zealand she secretly heads to the Netherlands for treatment. Back in Essex Anita's daughter Joanne finds herself dealing with a surprise pregnancy of her own. She's in shock. The doctors told her way back that she couldn't have kids. She breaks the news to her useless boyfriend Clay. Joanne decides to go ahead with the pregnancy. Anita returns from her trip, still not sure if the baby has "taken". Joanne drops in to see her mum and notices a letter from a clinic in Rotterdam. She immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes her mother has cancer. She tells the rest of the family. The day of the baby news arrives. The family gather in the bar at Howard's caravan park. As Anita drives up she gets a reminder on her phone - test time. Rushing into the toilets she takes a test then hurries into the bar. Joanne breaks the news - she's having a baby! Everyone is delighted, except for Anita. She sits there in silence before hurrying out. Howard rushes out to find Anita sitting in her car staring into space. What's going on? Is she sick? Anita winds the window down and holds up a pregnancy test stick. What has she got Joanne's pee stick for? Anita smiles. It's not Joanne's pee stick. It's hers. She's having a baby. It's going to be Dutch! BUMPS is a multi-generational, warm and inspirational comedy with heart. It explores society's view of women and ageing and explores the new frontier for women's reproductive choices.