Serie, Krankenhausserie

Sa., 21.12.
22:10 - 23:00
Folge 16

A Story - Ruby Struggles To Leave Her Rocky Past With Her Sister Behind. Ruby's sister, Violette arrives in the ED. Ruby is delighted to see her, doubly so when she realises that Violette is heavily pregnant. However, it is not long before the two sisters are arguing, with Ruby not entirely impressed that Violette's pregnancy is the result of an affair with a married man. Violette storms off, but Ruby needs to go on a call and can't chase her. Ruby and Lev arrive at a call at a fairly rough looking hostel. They are surprised when the patient is Violette, who has gone into labour. On the way to hospital, Ruby delivers Violette's baby, much to the relief and delight of both sisters. Violette decides to name the baby Harmony. However, Ruby grows concerned with the baby's health as they rush towards Holby ED. At the ED Violette seems suspiciously anxious about having Harmony's bloods tested. Ruby begins to suspect something is amiss, and takes an available opportunity to snoop through patient records to find out more. She is stunned to realise that Violette is a heroin addict and confronts her about being in withdrawals and using heroin whilst pregnant, all of which Violette denies. Violette begs Ruby for forgiveness, but Ruby storms off. She tells Violette that she thinks her and Harmony would be better off without her. As Harmony's condition worsens with a suspected sepsis diagnosis, Mason steps up when Dr Noble is called away, and manages to save Harmony, much to Ruby's relief. However, Violette has left a note for her saying that she's left and will be back when she can. Ruby confides in Mason that she feels hurt every time Violette leaves her down. Harmony begins to respond to the course of antibiotics, which indicates that Violette was not, in fact, using heroin during her pregnancy. Ruby feels racked with guilt both over how she misjudged her sister, and the things she said to her. We end the episode with Ruby promising Harmony that she'll find Violette and make everything better. B Story - On the Day of Their Wedding, Rosa Tells David the Truth, but They Decide They Want To Marry After All The lie about Xiomara dying has begun to weigh heavy on Rosa's mind as she prepares for her wedding. David gets a call from Jacob, and despite it being his wedding day agrees to come and work in the ED for a half-day. When he arrives at work, Dylan does some digging into David's wedding, and discovers that it's a marriage of convenience, not love. David assures Dylan that he knows what he's doing. However, as David is treating a patient, he receives a text from Rosa telling him that she wants to meet, and it's urgent. Before he can find Rosa, Xiomara intercepts David and tells him that she isn't dying. David, stung at how Rosa could hide this from him, is about to storm off before he is called to help a patient. Whilst he treats the patient, David comes to the realisation that he actually does have feelings for Rosa. As he runs to find her, he worries that he may be too late. He finds out second-hand from the gang that Rosa has called off the wedding. In the ED, Ollie leads Rosa to David and Xiomara brings them their wedding outfits, stating that they had to admit their love for each other, and that the wedding is back on. The pair eventually admit that despite everything that has happened during the day, they do have feelings for one

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