Die Simpsons

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Die Simpsons

The Simpsons
Sa., 01.08.
18:10 - 18:40
Folge 20, Nedtropolis

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Sky 1 Lola (Nadine Velazquez- My Name Is Earl, The Bold & the Beautiful) is a beautiful heiress who must marry by her twenty-fifth birthday or lose out on inheriting her share of her mother's fortune. When she catches her fiance Marco (Mario Lopez- Nip/Tuck, The Bold & the Beautiful) cheating, she calls off their wedding. With her birthday deadline just 48 hours off, Lola has no time to find Mr. Right, but does have the money to hire Mr. Right Now. With her heavily caffeinated assistant Nina (Tempestt Bledsoe- The Cosby Show) at her side, she sets off to hire a groom. Lola spots Bo, (Mark Consuelos- Hope & Faith, All My Children) a day laborer, by the side of the road. She'll have to mold this unrefined hunk into the perfect fiance quickly, because to get her father's (Erik Estrada- CHiPs) blessing, Lola's groom must be a cultured Latino gentleman. Bo figures Lola for a stuck-up, spoiled wacko, but for 100 grand a year, this gig sure beats mowing lawns. At a fancy spa, Bo is groomed, dressed and educated to pass as "Normando," a well-bred sophisticate. But to Lola's dismay, Bo can't keep up the pretense for long and confesses the truth to Mr. Dia: he's not an architect, but an aspiring musician. The father is impressed with Bo's honesty and his playing and accepts him into the family. But Lola's conniving sister Simona (who we learn is the one having an affair with Marco) is determined to sabotage the wedding and keep Lola's share of the inheritance, making it an outrageously eventful wedding day. Through all the madness, Lola and Bo's fake engagement turns into true love. And just when it looks like they'll get just what they wanted - the money and each other - Bo angers Lola's father by standing up to him and defending her. If Lola wants a wedding and her money, she'll have to marry Marco, who'll happily have her back. We find Bo at a roadside honky tonk, tending bar and pursuing his long-abandoned musical dreams. Lola finds him too. She's left Marco at the alta

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