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Eat Well for Less?

Eat Well for Less?
Mi., 23.10.
21:00 - 22:00
Folge 6, Students

This week on Eat Well for Less? for the very first time, Gregg and Chris will be helping a household of students, whose expensive tastes and love of brands mean that they're blowing their student loan on pricey pesto and branded pasta. In Bristol, undergraduates Dylan, Ben, Roo and Louis have been flat sharing for 9 months. In their second year, they are enjoying the uni lifestyle, but are finding that even with part-time jobs their finances are stretched. They all have different work shifts, and as Roo is a Coeliac and Ben is a vegetarian, they shop separately and rarely cook or eat together, often getting takeaways and ready meals. These guys would like to work less and study more in their final year and are keen to save as much as possible. Gregg and Chris watch as they each individually do a shop in their local convenience store and it's not the shop they were expecting from cash- strapped students! Separate shops mean that they are doubling up and missing out on deals, and branded products and expensive wine mean that with takeaways, these students are spending around £300 a week on food. It's swap week, and most of their beloved brands have been taken away and swapped for cheaper alternatives, but the boys are convinced that they will be able to tell the difference. Gregg and Chris help them with recipes that will allow them to all eat together, getting these friends eating like a family rather than individuals. Dietitian Priya Tew talks about plant-based diets and the potential benefits of eating less meat. Gregg and Chris blind test burgers to see if they can detect the only meat one, but which has the most protein, fat and calories? And Priya makes a vegetarian gluten free cheesy root vegetable bake that the whole family can enjoy. Chris goes to Durham to see what the difference between boxed and bottled wine actually is, and does boxing mean that it's an inferior product with a different taste? At the end of the week, can Gregg and Chris fix these boys budget-blowing habits and get them shopping and eating together?

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BR Moderatorin Ursula Heller.

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