Bill Nye rettet die Welt

SERIE • 3 Staffeln • Unterhaltung, US-Serien, Sonstige, Komödie • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika • 2017


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Wer streamt "Bill Nye rettet die Welt"

Der Wissenschaftler Bill Nye, in den USA bekannt als "The Science Guy", erkundet in der Netflix-Produktion "Bill Nye rettet die Welt" zusammen mit Experten und berühmten Gästen wissenschaftliche Phänomene, die unseren Alltag bestimmen.

Wo läuft "Bill Nye rettet die Welt"?

"Bill Nye rettet die Welt" läuft aktuell bei folgenden Streaming-Anbietern:

Bill Nye Saves the World
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Bill Nye, Karlie Kloss, Derek Muller, Emily Calandrelli, Nazeem Hussain, Joanna Hausmann


1. Staffel 1 (13 Episoden)
Emmy-winning host Bill Nye brings experts and famous guests to his lab for a talk show exploring scientific issues that touch our lives.
Jetzt wird es heiß
Bill calls out climate change deniers, breaks down the science of global warming and explains how we can make the planet a cooler place to live.
Checkliste für Quacksalberei
Bill and his panel of experts debunk bogus alternative remedies like homeopathy, the healing power of magnets ... and curing cancer by yelling at it.
Maschinen beherrschen die Welt
From robots that paint Rembrandts to Twitterbots gone rogue, Bill and his guests explore the potential and pitfalls of artificial intelligence.
Mehr Nahrungsmittel, weniger Hype
Bill extracts DNA from a strawberry in the lab and talks about genetically modified foods with a Monsanto executive, a professor and a farmer.
Die wahre Invasion vom Mars
Bill introduces the theory of panspermia, NASA scientists discuss the Mars 2020 mission, and Wil Wheaton and the panel ponder life on other planets.
Lassen Sie sich impfen und retten Sie die Welt!
With help from some friends in raincoats and a room full of unemployed germs, Bill demonstrates how vaccines work and why everyone needs to get them.
Cheat-Codes für die Realität
Bill and his correspondents check out video game technology that's changing the world, including a game that helps surgeons sharpen their skills.
Die Wahnsinnsdiät
What's in a calorie? Bill flambés a marshmallow in the name of science, experts weigh in on fad diets, and singing kale keeps it real about nutrition.
Das Spektrum der Sexualität
Sex is complex! Bill explores the ever-evolving science of sexuality with help from a panel of experts and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" star Rachel Bloom.
Die Rettung der Welt - mit dem Weltall
Bill and the panel discuss private space travel. Mean astronaut Joel McHale answers questions, and lunar gravity gives a young basketballer a boost.
Chemtrails. Crop circles. Palm readers. Bill takes aim at pseudoscience and explains how confirmation bias makes us believe things that aren't true.
Bill explores advances in IVF that are helping couples have healthy babies. "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn hosts a special fashion show in the lab.
Das Problem der Überbevölkerung
Bill and his guests talk about tackling overpopulation by empowering women. Comedian Joanna Hausmann interviews couples about male contraception.
2. Staffel 2 (6 Episoden)
Die Emmy-nominierte Serie ist zurück und Bill spricht über Schlaf, Drogen, Internetsicherheit und mehr. Ebenfalls wieder dabei sind berühmte Gäste und Wissenschaftler.
Die Marihuana-Folge
Bill visits a cannabis dispensary in Hollywood and takes a trip through hemp history. Kevin Smith and other panelists weigh weed's pros and cons.
Ihr Computer wird angegriffen
From phishing to malware, Bill uncovers the scams that steal our data. Steve-O talks about the time he exposed himself … to hackers.
Beim Schlafen sind wir echt schlecht
In search of better sleep, correspondents seek out NASA scientists and a professional cuddler. Bill busts myths about naps, dreams and turkey.
Sex, Medikamente und Superbakterien
Bill spreads bad news about antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and other superbugs. Comedian Ali Wong stops by the studio for a glow-in-the-dark demo.
Aussterben: Warum all unsere Freunde verschwinden
OK Go and Drew Carey help Bill explain extinction, and the panel reveals how scientists could one day bring extinct species back to life.
Wie man durch die Zeit reist
Bill breaks down the science of time travel with guests Zach Braff, retired astronaut Scott Kelly and the minds behind "Star Trek" and "Lost."
3. Staffel 3 (6 Episoden)
Bill and his guests explore the future of food, the science of addiction and more in a new set of episodes of the Emmy-nominated series.
Den Tod austricksen
As Bill breaks down the science of aging, his correspondents try bizarre beauty treatments and learn how spinach could transform organ transplants.
Überleben in einer Welt ohne Wasser
Derek Muller discovers why Mexico City is sinking, Nazeem Hussain tests his desert survival skills, and Bill has a drink with a "water sommelier".
Die Sucht-Folge
Bill explains how addiction changes the brain, comedian Maria Bamford shares her struggles, and Cara Santa Maria visits a research lab casino.
Rezepte aus einer Zukunft
Karlie Kloss tours Japanese farms that grow produce without soil to save water and space. Back in the studio, Margaret Cho samples meat made in a lab.
Evolution: Wo kommen wir her
In London, mutated mosquitos make a meal of Derek Muller. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins helps Bill burst a common myth about evolution.
Was denken Haustiere
Do dogs get depressed? Do monkeys like magic tricks? Bill and his guests explore animal behavior that's remarkably human