Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo Yu-no

SERIE • 1 Staffel • Animation, Science-Fiction, Drama, Thriller • Japan • 2019


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Takuya Arima ist ein junger Schüler, dessen Vater, seines Zeichens Historiker, der verschiedene Forschungen betrieben hat, kürzlich verschwunden ist. Während der Sommerferien erhält Takuya ein eigenartiges Paket zusammen mit einem Brief von seinem verschollenen Vater. In diesem sind Informationen über die Existenz verschiedener Parallelwelten. Anfangs nimmt Takuya das Ganze nicht ernst, aber bald bemerkt er, dass er nun ein Gerät besitzt, das es ihm erlaubt, in alternative Dimensionen zu reisen. Ist sein Vater am Ende doch noch am Leben? Falls ja, wo ist er?

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Rie Kugimiya, Maaya Uchida, Ari Ozawa, Yoji Ueda, Yuu Hayashi, Biichi Satou, Rena Maeda, Kaori Nazuka, Fumihiko Tachiki, Marina Inoue, Asami Sanada


1. Staffel 1 (27 Episoden)
Episode 1
Takuya, a young boy dealing with the death of his father, gets a bizarre letter in the mail. It leads him to the local cliffs, where strange things are happening, and he meets a mysterious girl...
Episode 2
Takuya tries to find out what powers his new device has, as well as what its limitations might be. He gets the perfect chance to test it when his mother is attacked...
Episode 3
Ayumi holds a meeting with the townspeople to discuss the deaths from the lightning strikes. She’s beginning to crack under the pressure of running her job site.
Episode 4
Ayumi is acting strange the day after the meeting with the townspeople. Takuya begins to suspect that something is very wrong.
Episode 5
The time has come to put the Reflector Device to use. But Takuya will find that it’s harder than he thinks.
Episode 6
With Ayumi safe, it’s up to Takuya to prove her innocence. He breaks into Geotech with Kaori to get the info he needs.
Episode 7
Takuya goes to deliver his father’s research notes to Ryuzoji’s house, where he realizes that something is very wrong.
Episode 8
Mio is depressed after finding out about her father's corrupt activities. Even worse, he's sending her out of the country…
Episode 9
After Mio's father is revealed to be corrupt, her reputation at school is ruined. Before she leaves Japan forever, there's one last thing she wants to do.
Episode 10
Takuya chases Mio into the strange tower that forms Mt. Sankaku. But there's more inside than he knew…
Episode 11
Takuya and Mio are trapped beneath Mt. Sankaku, with Mitsuki hunting them. And at dawn, the lightning will begin to strike…
Episode 12
Having saved Mio, Takuya finds himself back where he started. What awaits him this time?
Episode 13
Takuya works with Eriko to discover Ryuzoji's secrets. He learns that her past is far different than what he ever suspected…
Episode 14
Takuya begins a new time loop. This time, his target is Kanna, who seems to know far more than a transfer student should…
Episode 15
Takuya and his friends head to Mio's private beach to enjoy a fun summer vacation. But suddenly the Reflector Device goes missing…
Episode 16
Kanna is being threatened by Hojo, a private detective working for Ryuzoji. She says goodbye to Takuya, and threatens to leave forever…
Episode 17
Posters have gone up on the school bullitin board denouncing Kanna, and she's going to transfer away from the school. Before she goes, Takuya goes to meet with her one last time…
Episode 18
Takuya finds himself in the mysterious world of Dela Granto. Alone and far from home, he searches for the psychite to save Kanna.
Episode 19
Takuya and Sayless give birth to a beautiful daughter, Yu-No. But all is not well in his new world
Episode 20
Sayless is killed by guards from the imperial city, and Takuya sets out into the deadly Rafaelo desert to get revenge.
Episode 21
Takuya is imprisoned in the quarry and forced to mine "holy stones", which appear to be the psychite he seeks. A year passes as he attempts to escape…
Episode 22
Takuya and the resistance try to find a way to escape from their prison, while the day of the ritual draws near.
Episode 23
The resistance begins its assault on the Divine Emperor's castle, and Takuya reunites with someone he didn't expect to see.
Episode 24
Takuya discovers the truth behind the other world of Dela Granto, and the coming disaster.
Episode 25
The ritual to save both worlds is held, but is interrupted at the last second by Ryuzoji, who plans to interrupt it so that everything dies.
Episode 26
The ritual is completed, but Yu-No must pay a heavy price. Will Takuya be there for her?
Episode 27

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