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Der Revolverheld Vash the Stampede wird per Steckbrief und einem Kopfgeld von 60 Millionen Doubledollar gesucht, weil er Angst und Schrecken verbreitet. Die Versicherungsagentinnen Milly und Meryl sind hinter ihm her, um noch größeren Schaden zu verhindern. Als sie auf ihn treffen, entpuppt er sich als tolpatschiger Menschenfreund, der keiner Fliege etwas zu Leide tut, aber eine dunkle Vergangenheit mit sich herum schleppt.

Wo läuft "Trigun"?

"Trigun" läuft aktuell bei folgenden Streaming-Anbietern:
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.

Satoshi Nishimura
Masaya Onosaka, Hiromi Tsuru, Satsuki Yukino, Show Hayami, Aya Hisakawa, Sho Hayami, Toru Furusawa, Toshihiko Seki


1. Staffel 1 (26 Episoden)
Vash the Stampede, auf dessen Kopf eine Belohnung ausgesetzt ist, zieht auf einem verlassenen Planeten, der an den Wilden Westen erinnert, von Ort zu Ort.
Der 60 Milliarden $$ Mann
After Meryl and Milly’s search for the legendary Vash the Stampede leads them to an encounter with a dangerous group of bounty hunters, an unlikely hero arrives to save them.
Die Wahrheit im Irrtum
Meryl and Milly seek shelter in the mansion of Cliff Schezar, a wealthy man who has hired Vash as a bodyguard! Have the girls finally found the infamous gunslinger? Or is Cliff hiding something?
Vash is looking for a renowned gunsmith named Frank Marlon. He finds him - but the legendary craftsman is a drunken mess! Making things worse, a group of bandits has learned that there’s no sheriff in town!
Liebe und Frieden
Vash finds himself in the middle of a hostage crisis when outlaws take the mayor’s daughter - and Meryl and Milly - captive. He quickly discovers that these bad guys might not actually be the bad guys
Ein Schläger der harten Sorte
With an entire town after the bounty on his head, Vash must contend with the dangerously destructive Nebraska Brothers - while saving the very same villagers who are bent on bringing him in!
Die verlorene Stadt July
Vash is completely smitten with Elizabeth, a stunning beauty who has arrived in town to repair the local plant. Hopefully Vash isn’t too distracted by her charms - because the enemy is very close indeed.
Brilliant Dynamites Neon
Aboard a sand steamer, Vash meets a kid named Kaite - who might be up to no good - and finds himself going up against the notorious Bad Lad Gang.
Und zwischen Niemandsland und Himmel
The Bad Lads and their ruthless leader, B.D. Neon, have control of the steamer! With the captain steering the vessel toward disaster, Vash must act quick to save the people on board.
During a bus trip to May City, Vash, Meryl, and Milly encounter a priest named Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Before too long, the travelers finds their journey interrupted by a horde of attacking robotic spiders!
Quick Draw
Vash and Wolfwood enter a quick-draw competition in May City. If one of them wins, the prize money will go to a poor local family. Unfortunately, they’re both in line of fire - the contest is rigged!
Escape from Pain
Things get complicated when the gang gets tangled up in the drama surrounding a runaway dancing girl and the son of a caravan owner.
Vash is thrown in jail after being accused of killing a local shoemaker. Even if he gets out of his cell, there’s going to be trouble -Monev the Gale is gunning for him after being hired by Legato!
Vash the Stampede
Meryl files a report the Bernadelli Insurance Company, recounting the many exploits, misadventures, and lunatic moments of Vash the Stampede.
An elderly couple asks Millie and Meryl to help them protect a piece of valuable property from their rivals. With hired killers nearby, and Vash nowhere to be found, Meryl and Millie might be in over their heads.
Auge des Dämons
The Roderick gang’s battle with Legato is violently interrupted by the fierce Gung-Ho Guns. Just as Vash begins to investigate the incident, he meets Dominique the Cyclops, a lethal beauty with an amazing power.
Der fünfte Anruf
Vash faces off with two of the Gung-Ho Guns: E.G. Mine and Rai-Dei the Blade. When the action heats up, Vash the Stampede is forced to unleash a new and devastating attack.
Rem Saverm
A flashback offers a glimpse into the distant past of Vash the Stampede, his brother, Millions Knives, and the enigmatic Rem Saverem.
Fürs erste sag ich 'Lebewohl'
Wolfwood meets Lina, a girl who’s having trouble with a guy who claims to be Vash the Stampede. When she’s abducted, Wolfwood must team up with an odd fellow name Erics to save her.
With reports of new Vash sightings, Meryl returns to the work of tracking him down. Meanwhile, Vash and Wolfwood make their way to a town where a family feud has escalated into a hostage situation.
Das fliegende Schiff
During a massive typhoon, Vash the Stampede catches a ride through the sky on the wild winds - and lands on a ship full of familiar faces!
Gegen die Zeit
Vash and Wolfwood are in danger on the Project Seeds ship. The Puppetmaster’s goons - members of the Gung-Ho Guns - are on a killing spree and the entire ship could be destroyed.
Vash and the gang meet a group of orphans whose parents vanished after falling victim to a strange trance. Is it Legato’s doing? Or is there a secret villain hidden among the children?
Wolfwood decides it’s time for one last duel with Vash, but the gunslingers’ face-off is interrupted. Vash takes off after Caine the Longshot, while Wolfwood faces Chapel the Evergreen.
After Vash faces Midvalley the Hornfreak, he squares off with Legato for a final showdown. Making matters worse, the townsfolk are stuck in the middle of the chaos!
Steh das durch
Meryl and Millie are doing their best to get by as Vash recovers, but when the locals discover that the infamous gunslinger is nearby, they set out to make him pay for their recent pains - with his life.
Unter dem blauen Himmel
The greatest battle of Vash the Stampede’s life arrives as he faces-off against Millions Knives. One brother wants to destroy mankind. One brother must stop him at any cost.

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