Willkommen im Leben

SERIE • 1 Staffel • Drama, Romantik, Komödie • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika • 1994


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My So-Called Life
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Mark Piznarski
Claire Danes, Bess Armstrong, Tom Irwin, Wilson Cruz, Devon Gummersall, A.J. Langer, Jared Leto, Devon Odessa, Lisa Wilhoit


1. Staffel 1 (19 Episoden)
Im Disco-Fieber
Welcome to the world of Angela Chase. At 15, Angela is sick of her goody goody look, and act. So she decides to hang out with the rebel herself Rayanne Graff, and dyes her hair Crimson Glow. Her mother is not pleased with the new Angela, and states that quite a few times, in this pilot. Her father on the other hand doesn't see the deal.
Spiel mit dem Feuer
While Angela awkwardly tries to get closer to Jordan, Graham and Patty learn to romance each other again.
Sex und Gewalt
Angela is devastated when she is the object of gossip while Brian and Rickie find themselves in the middle of a scandal over a gun in school.
Zwei Überväter
In multi-generational father-daughter conflict, Patty must take control of the printing business from her father, and Angela approaches Graham for the first time as a person rather than a superhero.
Häßliches Entlein
Angela and Patty come to grips with the feeling that they are not measuring up to some standard of beauty as Angela breaks out and Patty develops laugh lines.
Ohne Hemmungen
Liberty High deals with the issue of censorship when a substitute English teacher encourages students to write liberal poetry for the school paper.
Im siebten Himmel
Angela makes a real connection with Jordan when she discovers that he has difficulty reading.
Was wirklich wichtig ist
Sharon's dad has a heart attack that causes Graham to question his own mortality and puts stress on his marriage while the event mends the broken friendship between Sharon and Angela.
Die Geister, die man ruft
Angela finds herself in 1963 during a mystical Halloween experience; Graham and Patty create some magic of their own with the help of medieval Halloween costumes.
Im Partyrausch
Patty gains strides in her relationship with Angela when she helps Rayanne during an overdose.
Wilde Herzen
Brian's life is a constant struggle over what he wants to express and the ramblings that escape from his mouth; everyone feels like the outsider at the ""World Happiness Dance"" at school; Patty pressures Graham into taking a continuing education cooking class.
Self-esteem is the lesson of the day for Angela's warped relationship with Jordan, Brian's unreciprocated devotion to Angela, Rickie's flair for the dramatic, and Graham's cooking expertise.
Das erste Mal
Angela must make the decision whether or not to sleep with Jordan, while Graham is being pressured into going into the restaurant business with Hallie Lowenthal.
Auf Entzug
Rayanne has been sober for 33 days. To start getting her life back together again and to spend more time with Angela, she joins Jordan's band. But after a case of stage fright and a glimpse at what being sober really means, she goes back to the bottle.
Ein Hauch von Himmel
The Chase's Christmas is more complicated than usual when Angela's anxious search for Rickie leads her into the world of runaway kids where she encounters a mysterious homeless girl.
Gute Vorsätze
It's New Year's Eve and while everyone else is busy making or breaking his or her resolutions, Rickie faces an increasingly difficult situation.
Angela realizes she is over Jordan and is in to someone else. But Brian Cracow catches Rayanne and Jordan on tape having sex.
Aber erstens kommt es anders
On a romantic weekend getaway to ""reconnect"" with Graham, Patty reveals another side of her personality; Angela copes with a visit from Rayanne, who has good reason not to leave.
Jeder wird einmal erwachsen
Jordan asks Brian for help on winning back Angela's affections; Sharon and Rayanne reach a turning point in their relationship; and Rickie learns that the new girl has a crush on him.
Extras (2 Episoden)
Episode 1
Episode 2

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