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In "Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia" wird das siebte Kapitel des Mobile Games Fate/Grand Order als Anime adaptiert, bei dem wir dem letzten Master Chaldeas, Ritsuka Fujimaru, und Mash Kyrielight auf ihrer Mission, die »Heiligen Grale« zu finden, die von Solomon in verschiedenen Zeitepochen versteckt wurden, ins antike Mesopotamien folgen. Im Jahre 2655 vor Christus steht das babylonische Reich unter König Gilgamesh in seiner Blüte, doch die Bewohner Mesopotamiens müssen sich nicht nur mit ihren alltäglichen Aufgaben herumschlagen, sondern befinden sie sich auch noch mitten in einem Krieg zwischen ihnen – der letzten menschlichen Zivilisation – und Grauen erregenden Monstern, die von der Allianz der drei Göttinnen angeführt werden … Mash und Ritsuka finden sich nach ihrem Rayshift inmitten dieses Krieges wieder und nun ist es an ihnen, dem König zu helfen sein Reich und damit die menschliche Zivilisation zu beschützen und die drei Göttinnen sowie ein weit größeres Übel als je zuvor zu bezwingen. Unterstützt werden sie dabei natürlich von vielen alten und neuen Servants, die aus Treue und Heldentum dem Ruf des letzten Masters der Menschheit folgen. Der Kampf um die menschliche Zivilisation geht in seine vorletzte Runde!

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Fate/Grand Order -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア-
Rie Takahashi, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Tetsu Inada, Ayako Kawasumi, Yu Kobayashi, Shin-ichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki, Maaya Sakamoto, Takahiro Sakurai, Yuu Asakawa, Kana Ueda


1. Staffel 1 (21 Episoden)
Episode 1
At Chaldea Security Organization, the final Master of humanity Ritsuka Fujimaru and his Servant Mash Kyrielight have journeyed through six regions of differing eras in order to retrieve their future lost due to the "incineration of humanity" caused by the Mage King. And now, to repair the final Singularity, the pair head forth into ancient Mesopotamia. As soon as they land in those lands where the gods exist on an everyday basis, they are assaulted by an overwhelming number of Demonic Beasts. And just as suddenly, a beautiful girl descends down from the sky.
Episode 2
Fujimaru and Mash head for Uruk, led by a young man named Enkidu who has volunteered to be their guide. However, within the deep forest, Mash feels an ominous feeling in the air as Enkidu walks down a path different from the direction of their destination. Before them, an aloof couple – a man and a girl – appear before them. And with one phrase from the man, the hidden secrets of Enkidu come into light...
Episode 3
Fujimaru's entourage successfully has an audience with the wise king Gilgamesh ruling over Uruk. Fujimaru suggests to Gilgamesh that he wants to receive the Holy Grail that is causing this Singularity in return for defeating the Three Goddess Alliance that is putting all of Mesopotamia into a panic. However, Gilgamesh declares that he will not need the assistance of Chaldea for Uruk to face its perils. The situation turns extremely delicate, but then, Ishtar, the patron deity of Uruk, suddenly intrudes upon them, and they all end up in battle.
Episode 4
Fujimaru recalls his journeys in the other Singularities, particularly the regret he feels for those he couldn't save. Fujimaru finds himself questioning his decisions. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh dispatches him to investigate the city of Ur under royal orders.
Episode 5
Fujimaru and company are dumbfounded by Gilgamesh's sudden visitation of the Chaldean Embassy. There, they are given a new request from the king which is to investigate the Persian Gulf. Merlin and Ana cannot join as they have no travel permits. In other words, this will be Fujimaru's first journey alone with Mash in a while. But there sat the noble king, reciting a poem and cocking his head in contemplation. Having fun with tales of the past, Fujimaru and company's journey will finally become a lively one.
Episode 6
Finishing up the investigation at the Persian Gulf, Fujimaru and company are given a new order from the king. The new order is to retrieve a clay tablet that Gilgamesh had previously lost in the city of Kutha. Kutha was a city that suddenly disappeared after the emergence of the three goddesses, where every citizen had passed away. In such a quiet town, the entourage decides to split up in search of the tablet. Fujimaru suddenly wanders into a very frigid world. It is what people call "the underworld," a space separate from the physical world.
Episode 7
Fujimaru successfully retrieves Gilgamesh's clay tablet, and within a deep slumber, he remembers his encounter with the King of Mages in London, the Fourth Singularity, which renews his understanding of the importance of the final Holy Grail. Meanwhile, Merlin suspects that the Demonic Beasts at the Northern Wall are planning a large-scale attack, and takes Fujimaru and company to the Northern Wall. There, they see a squad commanded by Leonidas I putting up a struggle. Once there, Fujimaru and company hear from Ushiwakamaru that communication with the fortress city of Nippur to the north has been severed, and they head out towards Nippur.
Episode 8
Fujimaru and entourage, in order to rescue the people left behind in the fortress city of Nippur after communications were severed, begin their battle against the fake Enkidu who had been awaiting them. With Fou's help, they were somehow managing to keep things even, but in the midst of battle, the Goddess of the Demonic Beasts finally appears. Even Merlin is at his wit's end facing her overwhelming power. Meanwhile, Ushiwakamaru and Leonidas I engage in a spectacular battle, standing up defiant against the Goddess of the Demonic Beasts. In order to break through the situation where it is hard to deliver a wounding blow, the two Servants unleash their Noble Phantasms with desperate resolve.
Episode 9
Fujimaru and entourage have lost Ushiwakamaru and Leonidas I. Upon receiving the report from the group that returned to the ziggurat, Gilgamesh decides it is necessary to conquer the three goddesses in certain order to fight against Gorgon, and orders Fujimaru to first turn Ishtar into an ally. With a "secret plan" given by Gilgamesh in hand, Fujimaru and company head over to Ishtar's temple.
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Extras (5 Episoden)
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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