The Soultaker

SERIE • 1 Staffel • Anime, Animation, Action, Science-Fiction, Horror, Thriller • Japan • 2001


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Kyosukes normales Leben endet mit dem Stich eines Messers in sein Herz. Warum hat seine Mutter das getan? Als er wieder zu sich kommt, stellt er fest, dass er gerade…

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The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜
Akiyuki Shinbo
Michiko Neya, Masashi Ebara, Akiko Hiramatsu, Masaya Onosaka, Haruko Momoi, Kyosuke Date, Shiro Mibu


1. Staffel 1 (13 Episoden)
Episode 1
One day, a horrible thing happened. A mother killed his son named Kyosuke Date. Is this the end for him? Or is it the start of a new adventure?
Episode 2
Kyosuke asks his new found friend Shiro why his mother killed him but he was not a big help. Meanwhile, Kirihara captures Maya so that they could run experiments on her. At the same time, Kyosuke dreams about Maya's struggles and sees an amusement park. He runs off and heads to the amusement park. Can Kyosuke save Maya? And what new enemies are awaiting his arrival in the amusement park?
Episode 3
A girl is being chased by unknown people. Meanwhile, Kyosuke heads to the church to look at his mother's diary. At the church his eyes starts to bleed and the girl shows up claiming that she is his sister. Is this girl really his sister? Or is it a trap set by the Kirihara corporation?
Episode 4
A boarding house in the middle of the forest is the home for another flicker named Sayaka Tachibana. Outside the boarding house Kyosuke, with Shiro, observes the boarding house. Later, the houses nurses says that she will help them. Is this nurse really going to help them? Or is she a minion of Dr. Narugami?
Episode 5
Kyosuke decides to infiltrate Kirihara's base so that he could save a Flicker named Kasumi. Meanwhile, Shiro heads to the core of the base with the intentions of destroying the Flicker Searcher. Kasumi and Kyosuke were attacked and were separated. Kyosuke goes into a room where a doctor was waiting for him. He transforms into SoulCrusher. Can Kyosuke defeat this new foe? And is Shiro successful in destroying the Flicker Searcher?
Episode 6
The battle against the SoulCrusher might be over but the danger for Kyosuke is still great. Now he is flying straight down to Earth and nothing can save him until he was teleported a floating fortress. There he meets a Flicker named Megumi who he starts to trust and actually like. Also in the ship is Zabo but he is in a state of suspended animation. Later, Megumi finally reveals her true form and expresses his anger towards Kyosuke. Can Kyosuke defeat her?
Episode 7
On the riverside, Shiro, Komugi, and Kyosuke perform a riverside ritual were they put candles on boats in memory of dead love ones. But a mysterious woman appears that says that she is Kyosuke's birth mother. There she explains that Megumi is wrong about the things she said. Then a couple of Hospital mutants appear and Kyosuke was able to defeat them but Kyosuke got injured. He later wakes up with his mother and Richard Vincent is there for a visit.
Episode 8
Shiro reveals to Kyosuke that his sister, Yui, is the actual leader of the Kirahara group. Shiro says that her sister wants the Flickers so that she could find Runa. Also Shiro tells Kyosuke that he could have saved his mother but decided not to because only the mental trauma that he experience was the only thing that could awaken his mutant powers. Meanwhile, Nogumi is about to fight Yui's new monster she calls the SoulAnubis.
Episode 9
Kyosuke arrives to help Nogumi and when he did the SoulAnubis sees his cross and returns back to his human form. Kyosuke recognizes the face and it was Maya. Then Yui explains that she combined flickers to create this new beast including Shiro's girlfriend Suki. Meanwhile, Richard Vincent spots Nogumi and starts to heal her.
Episode 10
Runa's signal has been lost and a strange underwater entity has told Yui to cut off their ties with the aliens. Meanwhile, Kyosuke decides to his father Vincent but Komugi tries to talk him out of it. Will Kyosuke really fight his father?
Episode 11
Kyosuke's life story is revealed. What will he do with the truth?
Episode 12
Kyosuke faces the final showdown on the Moon colony
Episode 13
Has Kyosuke become a complete devil?

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