Scott & Bailey

SERIE • 5 Staffeln • Drama, Krimi, Thriller • Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland • 2011


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Scott & Bailey
Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland
Sarah Pia Anderson, Ben Caron, Syd Macartney
Englisch, Deutsch
Lesley Sharp, Suranne Jones, Sally Lindsay, Delroy Brown, Jing Lusi, Tony Mooney, David Prosho, Judith Barker, Richard Riddell, Pippa Haywood, Amelia Bullmore, Rupert Graves
Englisch, Deutsch


1. Staffel 1 (6 Episoden)
Tödliche Dreisamkeit
DC Rachel Bailey, DC Janet Scott and the team take on a new case - a young Turkish woman has been killed, and her murder made to look like suicide. Rachel finds out that the woman's husband was having an affair, and takes a risk when it comes to interviewing the man's mistress. Will her high-stakes approach get results? She also uses her police privileges to carry out an investigation into her own ex - and is horrified to discover that he is married with two children. Meanwhile, Janet agrees to take another look at the case of an old school friend, Veronica, who was abducted and murdered when they were children.
Schweigen ist Mord
Rachel's personal life gets even more complicated when she reveals to Nick that she is pregnant. At work, the team face a particularly gruesome case - a mother of two has been brutally raped and left to bleed to death in the boot of her car. A sharp piece of detective work from Rachel leads to teenager Luke Farrell being charged, but horrific events start to unravel as a result of his arrest. Janet steps up her investigation into her childhood friend Veronica's death and meets up with an officer who investigated the murder.
When a rape and murder case goes to trial, DCI Gill Murray is determined to see the defendant, Georgios Stelikos, convicted. But the case is made more complicated because only one of the alleged victims is prepared to testify. When Rachel gives evidence, she is horrified to discover that her ex Nick is the defence barrister. Nick's cross examination shakes her when he uses information which passed between them when they were together. But as the verdict is delivered, events take a shocking turn.
Mord im Spiegel
Adult movie star Vicky Birkinshaw finds herself being arrested on suspicion of her murdering her husband three weeks after she reported him as having disappeared. Rachel has to go through the woman's home-made pornography collection to look for clues. The case ends up taking a dark twist after Vicky's daughter turns up with an older boyfriend.
When Rachel bumps into an ex-juror, she is shocked to discover that the woman had an affair with Nick in the middle of a trial - and a desperately worried Nick does everything in his power to persuade Rachel to keep the knowledge to herself. After a current investigation throws up similarities to Veronica's murder, Janet tells Geoff Hastings that they could be one step closer to bringing his sister's killer to justice. But when Rachel stumbles across some new facts in the case, she realises that Janet is in terrible danger. Can she get the information to Janet in time?
Tödliche Liebe
Last in series of the police drama. As Rachel is walking home, she is narrowly missed by a car which then smashes into the side of the road. The next day, she learns that the crash is linked to the disturbing information she found out about Nick's affair with a juror. Was Rachel targeted - and could Nick have had something to do with it? The latest case for the team is that of a teenager shot dead at home. His best friend witnessed the shooting but it takes all of Janet's skill to get him to open up as he is petrified that he could be next. Meanwhile, Rachel's career hangs in the balance as Gill discovers just how far she has gone in pursuit of love, and Janet needs to end her affair once and for all.
2. Staffel 2 (8 Episoden)
Falsche Spuren
In the first of a two-part story, the badly burned body of a disabled man turns up in a remote part of Manchester and a few days later another corpse is discovered. The detectives start to realise the victims were not just murdered, but tortured too. They make an arrest, but it becomes clear their investigation has just scratched the surface. Meanwhile, Janet throws her husband out and Rachel's estranged brother turns up on her doorstep. With Lisa Riley and Pippa Haywood.
Stumme Zeugen
Part two of two. Despite arresting four people, the detectives face a wall of silence in their investigation into the grisly murders - but they eventually make a breakthrough, which doesn't quite give them the answers they were expecting. On the domestic front, Rachel wakes up in bed with charismatic colleague Sean - a mistake she is keen never to repeat - and Janet wants to keep her newly single status a secret. So the last thing she needs is daughter Taisie telling Andy about her dad moving out.
It's Murray and Bailey this week, as Rachel travels to Bristol with the DCI, who is advising on a rape and murder which bears similarities to a case she worked on 13 years previously. Back then she helped catch the perpetrator, who killed four women, but naturally he is protesting his innocence. At home, Rachel discovers her brother Dom has been prostituting himself in her flat - and just to top things off, she learns the charges against her ex-boyfriend Nick are being dropped.
Am Abgrund
The duo look into the murder of an eight-year-old boy, coming up against a pedophile who cruelly deceives his victim's family. Dom's HIV test comes back negative, so he sets out to celebrate - only to endanger his own life and jeopardize Rachel's sergeant's exam in the process. Janet tells Andy she is having second thoughts about their brief liaison, but he finds her decision hard to accept.
Tödliches Tagebuch
Janet comes face to face with the man who left her fighting for life just months earlier - serial killer Geoff Hastings, who has vowed to finally reveal the full extent of his crimes. Rachel and the rest of the team investigate the racially motivated murder of a taxi driver. On the personal front, Andy refuses to take no for an answer, so Janet threatens to report him to the DCI.
SMS an eine Tote
Rachel discovers Dom drinking a can of beer with Sean. She takes the can away from him and warns Sean that Dom has a drink problem. Sean wants Rachel to meet his son from his defunct marriage, if she’s going to be his ‘other mummy’. Sean continues to act like they’re getting married, whilst Rachel insists they’re not. Andy wants Janet to join him for a drink as he wants to talk but she turns down his offer. Gill is forced to leave a briefing on a mercy dash for Sammy because Dave’s drunk. Gill wants Janet's help get Dave round to his mother’s. A woman with a green face and head, and dressed in a sexy policewoman’s outfit, is discovered dead in a field at Dob Cross. Gill thinks that the killer is a lover.
The syndicate deals with a shooting, and discovers that the victim has been sexually mutilated. Andy seems determined to freeze Janet out of the investigation. Sean tries to engineer a reconciliation between Rachel and her mother, and Rachel warms to the idea of marriage.
Rachel discovers Nick has been brutally assaulted - and she is top of the list of suspects. But even worse, she has no recollection of the previous night after a drunken hen party, and struggles to convince herself she did not do it. Janet thinks she has made her peace with Andy, until he gives her some misinformation that results in Gill missing an appointment with the coroner - so the DCI, tired of their games, announces one of them will have to go. A man's accidental death turns into a murder investigation when his daughters reveal their mother often talked of killing him
3. Staffel 3 (8 Episoden)
Falscher Verdacht
After a concerned neighbour knocks on Janet’s door, she can only guess at the horrors about to happen. Rachel wishes she was still single while Janet ends up realising that her own marriage is over.
Willkommen im Club
After businessman Adam Armitage pushes a homeless man, he doesn’t know that he’s killed him, so what is the reason why is he running away? Rachel gets married to a happy Sean and Janet admits her marriage is over.
Wer ist Suzie?
The detectives investigate the murder of a wealthy man whose double life left him vulnerable to exploitation. Away from work, Rachel's recent moment of indiscretion threatens to come back to haunt her when a confused Sean takes a phone call from her one-night stand, and after Ade is pushed into living with his girlfriend on a permanent basis, Janet asks her mother to move in.
Haus des Schreckens
Having witnessed her father Joe being arrested for the murder of her mother Eunice, Helen shows up at Janet’s door saying that she believes her brother Michael might be buried in the cellar of the family home. Ater the remains of a second body are discovered, the case becomes much more serious and Det. Supt. Dodson is drafted in as the S.I.O, with Gill as her deputy.
Verhindertes Begräbnis
Having discovered the remains of several bodies, Gill and Dodson’s teams need to try and identify them, and attempt to piece together the order in which they were murdered. Joe Bevan remains tight lipped though. After the remains of a teenage girl are found in an upstairs room, Helen is faced with the possibility that her dad killed both her brother and her sister.
Tödliche Beleidigung
The team investigate the suspicious death of care home resident Gerald French after his daughter Catherine raises some concerns about the level of care her father had been receiving. Shy trainee, Rosie is seen slapping a resident and she is upset to discover that her mentor doesn’t have her best interests at heart.
The team investigate the murder of a man whose body is discovered shortly after he is reported missing by his son is discovered. Rachel's self-destructive behavior leads to a falling-out with Janet, and forces Sean to realize that his marriage is over.
Böse Überraschung
Janet and Rachel’s friendship has been ruined. Janet attempts to stay professional, but the lack of communication between them makes things difficult. A call from MIT Command, alerting the team to Gill’s disappearance forcing Scott and Bailey to put their differences aside and work together.
4. Staffel 4 (8 Episoden)
Später Fund
DCI Murray has to choose between Janet and Rachel. When a photo of a young man in the boot of a car appears on Facebook, it looks like he is already dead.
Syndicate 9's new sergeant is thrown in at the deep end with a historical missing person's case. Janet shares a secret with Rachel - she wants a boyfriend.
Neue Liebe
Janet goes on her first date. The murder of a gay man has all the markings of a hate crime, but why is his friend struggling to answer some simple questions?
Falsche Nummer
When a woman is found dead in a hotel room, the ads on a website might hold the key. Rachel enjoys her secret affair and Janet investigates speed dating.
Geheime Beziehung
When an unconscious baby is admitted to hospital, staff are concerned that his injuries do not match his parents' explanation.
Mord im Rausch
Janet tries to mend Elise's broken heart. When a couple are murdered in their pub, enquires uncover unexpected family secrets.
Fataler Fehler
A body on the moors leads Janet and Chris to a shocking discovery. While Rachel and Janet harbour concerns about Gill's behaviour, their own actions come under investigation.
Neue Hoffnung
The discovery of slaves on the Pritchard farm has turned a murder inquiry into a huge, multi-agency investigation.
5. Staffel 5 (3 Episoden)
Mord im Darknet
Rachel returns to Syndicate 9 following a year with Vice and she needs some time to rekindle her neglected friendship with Janet. The shocking murder of Michael Edgerton forces her to hit the ground running as she steps up to Acting DI under the watchful eye of Julie Dodson.
Verfluchte Bilder
After the body of teenager Will Hudson is discovered in a Manchester park, Rachel is certain that his death could have been prevented.
Ein Opfer zuviel
Rachel is criticised for a lack of progress with the investigation and she knows she must find both a murder weapon and the encryption code used to access the website. However, as the team makes a significant breakthrough in the case, DSI Julie Dodson makes a discovery which jeopardises Rachel's position as Acting DI. Meanwhile, when Janet's attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, her faith in justice is tested, and both Scott and Bailey have life-changing decisions to make about their futures.

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