Tarzan: The Epic Adventures

SERIE • 1 Staffel • Action, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Drama • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika • 1996


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Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Mark Roper, William Tannen, Gino Tanasescu, George Keith, Brian Yuzna, Michael McGreevey
Englisch, Deutsch
Joe Lara, Aaron Seville, Lydie Denier, Andrew Divoff, Dennis Christopher, Ralph Wilcox, Angela Harry
Englisch, Deutsch


1. Staffel 1 (22 Episoden)
Episode 1
In this two hour movie that reintroduces us to John Clayton, the Lord of Greystoke. We find Tarzan in Paris where he is becoming more uncomfortable with civilization and ready to return to the jungle. His return begins with a ""Journey to the Center of the Earth"". In order to close the hole to the other world Tarzan must find the gem stolen from the gateway.
Episode 2
Conclusion: After being devoured by a gigantic snake in the first half Tarzan must follow Rokoff to Pellucidar at the Earth's core. Rokoff plots with the Queen of the Mahars who are human flesh eaters.
Episode 3
Tarzan meets up with his old friend Themba who returns from Europe to take his place as Chief of the Wogambi. His people disappear and the Leopard Men attack the Wazuari village. In order to save Themba and the women of the Wazuari, Tarzan must face Sheeta The Leopard Woman.
Episode 4
A Roman Legion that has wondered the jungle for 900 years learns that the Empire has fallen. Claudius is challenged for his authority by his niece Athena while Themba and Tarzan are pitted against each other in the circle of death.
Episode 5
When a female pilot comes to the jungle in search of her friend, she finds a new friend in Tarzan. Emma's friend is an archeologist and has started a war between the Ungala and the Lizarians. The reason for the war? The Scarlet Diamond.
Episode 6
Temba becomes the victim of a deadly plague after an ape attack. The jungle may only have a few months before the plague over runs it, unless Tarzan finds the cure. The Black Orchid holds that cure but is considered non-existent.
Episode 7
Tarzan falls prey to an evil sorcerer who places him under a spell that divides his ""ape"" instincts and ""man"" self.
Episode 8
Episode 9
When a solar eclipse turns a peaceful tribe into savges, Tarzan forms a shaky alliance with La--whose mysterious potion can return tribe members to their normal selves.
Episode 10
The brutal hunter Zimpala stalks Tarzan to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed by Tarzan for poaching his ape mother.
Episode 11
Tasi is bitten by one of the Snake People. Tarzan and Themba must take her to the Sienota in the ancient Mayan village. The Mayan's believing that Tarzan is their God, KuKulcan, are willing to take on the Snake People's way of life.
Episode 12
Vusi, an oracle, challenges Tarzan with a series of tasks to teach him about his past, his human side and his future as a warrior.
Episode 13
Tarzan and Themba spearhead a fevered search for the pirates who've stolen a statue the Waziris use to honor the moon god.
Episode 14
Themba, Tarzan and one of his friends fall prey to a vicious mercenary, who forces them to lead him to the Forbidden City so he can steal the tribe's riches.
Episode 15
Tarzan intercedes when the Leopard Demon kidnaps a hunter's daughter. He then finds he must contend with the members of a bloodthirsty seach party.
Episode 16
In a clip-filled episode, Tarzan must overcome his own fears over being trapped in enclosed spaces when he and Themba become lost in a caved-in mine shaft.
Episode 17
Tarzan is reunited with his old nemesis, Rokoff, when the two men travel to the Earth' core to battle a tribe of flesh eating winged creatures.
Episode 18
Searching for missing tribe women, Tarzan stumbles upon a portal to another universe, where he uncovers a plot to use the women to repopulate a civilization.
Episode 19
Tarzan travels to a mysterious border town, where he joins the manhunt for a giant ape-like creature responsible for the deaths of several women.
Episode 20
Episode 21
A pair of scientists, searching for a legendary sea creature, change their agenda when Tarzan finds something else--a man they presume to be ""the missing link"".
Episode 22
Tarzan has the ride of his life when a simple trip turns into a murder mystery involving a devious magician and the ape man's missing cousin.

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