Prime Suspect

SERIE • 1 Staffel • Made in Europe, Action, Drama, Krimi, Thriller • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland • 2011


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Prime Suspect
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland
Maria Bello, Aidan Quinn, Brían F. O'Byrne, Kirk Acevedo, Peter Gerety, Tim Griffin, Damon Gupton, Kenny Johnson


1. Staffel 1 (13 Episoden)
Jane gets a rough start in her new New York homicide squad when she questions her new colleagues' work on a mysterious murder case. After complaining to her lieutenant about not getting cases, Jane manages to find a unique angle to help solve a crime. Meanwhile, Jane goes to her father for advice.
Wölfe im Schafspelz
Jane is called into Duffy's homicide and kidnapping case after Sweeney calls for all hands on deck. Duffy gets irritated with Jane after she suggests talking with the deceased woman's employees.
While helping out at her father's bar, Jane finds herself without her gun when she confronted with a robber. Calderon and Jane get assigned to solving the murder of a woman found in a dumpster. Meanwhile, Carolina Rivera tries to befriend Jane while working on her father's robbery case but gets the cold shoulder.
Ein toller Typ und trotzdem tot
When a good-looking stockbroker is killed mysteriously, Jane automatically suspects his wife. Meanwhile, Jane enlists the help of a hypnotist to fight her addiction to smoking. Elsewhere, Matt is furious when his ex-wife suggests Jane shouldn't attend their son's birthday party.
Blumen für eine Tote
Jane's latest case involves a woman found dead in the park, which leaves Duffy and Velerio to find the victim's stepfather. Jane and Desmond observe an anniversary.
Mord im Hotel
A middle-aged man is found mugged, naked and dead in a hotel - and the prime suspect may be a prostitute with a penchant for poison!
Kein Platz für ein Kind
When a five-year-old kid is found dead at school, the investigation gets personal for Jane.
Unter Wasser
Jane and Reg take an uncomfortable road trip upstate to investigate the grisly murder of a young girl's parents.
When a hit-and-run case looks unsolvable, Duffy tries to hand it off to Jane. Clues point to a porn king as the suspect in a case that Jane and Evrard are working. Sweeney receives some advice from Duffy.
Mosaik des Verbrechens
A Jewish diamond dealer's death is investigated by Jane and Augie. Matt gets a new job and celebrates with Jane.
Die Mauer des Schweigens
Jane and Evrard go to Chinatown to investigate a murder during a game of mahjong. Jane and Evrard can't seem to get a break on the case when a big shot lawyer seems to make all the witnesses disappear. Meanwhile, Reg lets Matt in on a little secret about Jane.
Wer hat das Kommando?
Duffy and Calderon have the unpleasant task of telling a grandmother that her young granddaughter was raped and murdered. Jane and Augie are on the ritzy Upper East Side when a woman is found mysteriously shot during the night. Meanwhile, Jane has a heart to heart with Matt.
Der Maulwurf
The team discovers an incarcerated man could be responsible for a recent crime; Sweeney orders round-the-clock security when a hit is ordered; Jane ends up accompanying two people on an uncomfortable date.

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