Monte-Carlo, naissance d'un mythe

KINOSTART: 01.01.1970 • Documentaire • Frankreich (2007)
1860. Prince Charles III and his mother Princess Caroline were trying to find a way out of Monaco and the Principality's increasing insularity. At the time, Monaco was just a desert plateau set aside for olive and lemon crops. They got the idea to build hotel complexes and a casino in their realm. François Blanc, a French businessman specialised in gambling and spas, and his future wife Marie Hensel would lead this business to success. The rich, enterprising couple combined art, show business and gambling, bringing this small principality out of the wings and into favour with high society. The legend of Monte Carlo was born... Cast: Aline Stinus (Marie Blanc), Patrice Bertrand (François Blanc), Gille Matheron (Charles III), Jackie Elena (Princess Caroline)... Written and directed by: François Freynet, 2007. Narrator: Léo Morflin Country: France
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