Victor lives in Vienna with Annette and their young daughter, Pamela. It is Spring and Victor, who shirks work, spends the day and sometimes the night outdoors. Deeply in love with him, Annette trusts Victor: he promises to knuckle down as soon as they are back in Paris. But in France, Victor returns to his bad habits once again. Following a violent argument, he moves in with a junkie with whom he has fallen in love. Annette leaves Victor and disappears with Pamela. Eleven years later, Pamela is 17 and lives in Paris with her mother. One day she learns that her father also lives in the capital. She decides to see him again ... Directed by: Mia Hansen-Love, 2007 Starring: Paul Blain (Victor), Marie-Christine Friedrich (Annette), Victoire Rousseau (Pamela, child), Constance Rousseau (Pamela, adolescent), Carole Franck (Martine), Olivia Ross (Gisèle) ... Film presented at the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Festival 2007. Genre: Drama Country: France / Austria