The passage of time is doubtlessly the only real proof of justice in this terrible world. Some would like to stop time, others prefer to go with the flow. Three men have reached the age where you begin to think about committing yourself and fatherhood. How do you react when friendships change and your circle of friends is slowly reduced to the small family unit? What do you do when your youth ends? Can you continue a loving relationship whilst refusing to have a child with your partner? Confronted by these situations, Sébastien, Paul and Fred are turning thirty, and there are choices to be made ... Directed by Ricardo Trogi, 2005 Cast: Patrice Robitaille (Fred Gagnon), Pierre-François Legendre (Paul Beauchamps), Jean-Philippe Pearson (Sébastien Langevin), Catherine Proulx-Lemay (Isabelle), Julie Perreault (Justine), Geneviève Alarie (Marie Arsenault), Claude Despins (Richard) ... Genre: comedy Country: Canada